Hints & Advice



Ride On Mowers

    Always operate your mower on full throttle position when the blades are engaged to maintain longevity for the deck belt.

    Lift deck to highest set before engaging and disengaging blades to clear grass from deck.
Safety tips from COLLINGWOODS on working with outdoor power equipment.
Know how to properly operate the equipment. Read the operator’s manual before using any power equipment and know where the controls are and what they do. Make sure to always follow recommended procedures and safety instructions.
Dress properly for the job. Wear long trousers, close-fitting clothes, sturdy closed toe shoes, safety glasses and ear protection. Don’t wear anything that could get caught in moving parts (loose clothes, jewelry, and be careful of long hair).
Handle fuel carefully. Fill up before you start, while the engine is cold and be careful not to spill when you fill. Store fuel in an appropriate container in a cool ventilated area.
Clear the area you’ll be working in before you start, remove any rocks, twigs, cans, golf balls, or anything that could be thrown by equipment.
Keep hands and feet away from moving parts. Never work on equipment while it’s running. Never remove or tamper with safety devices and labels, they’re provided to protect you.