ECHO Backpack PB-8010 Blower X Series

ECHO Backpack PB-8010 Blower X Series

NEW X SERIES Echo Back pack PB8010 blower,With its 79.9cc engine the PB-8010 generates wind speeds of over 340Km/h (211mph), making it the most powerful blower on the market. Intended for the biggest professional jobs where the extra power will save you time and effort. The unit is kept light weight and ergonomic by the carbon fiber frame and fan case only weight 11.2kg. The fan intake also circulates air around the operator's back for cooling (this function can be prevented during colder weather). The heavy duty air filter sits atop the unit, protecting the engine from dust and debris in the harshest conditions and is easily accessible without the need for tools.
Engine Displacement: 79.9cc
Output: 4.2kW
Air Volume: 1818m3/h
Max Air Speed : 340km/h
Nozzle Type: Round
Dry Weight: 11.2kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.56L


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$1,979.00 each

ECHO Backpack PB-8010 Blower X Series - $1,979.00