This manual sprayer features a large 15.1L tank with heavy-duty piston pump, making this the sprayer perfect for powerful & tough spray work. It’s ideal for the serious gardener or people with larger style properties.
15.1 litre tank with UV inhibitors making it sunproof for long life
Marked in gallons and litres to suit a variety of purposes for differing mixing ratios
90 PSI piston style pump for ease of operation with a strong spray capacity
Ergonomic pump & swing-away handle for convenience and ease of transportation
Constructed from UV resistant materials
30″ wand featuring three nozzles: brass adjustable, fixed fan and fixed cone for versatility to suit a variety of purposes
Seals & O-rings made from Viton formulation making it weatherproof, durable & long lasting

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$279.00 each

ECHO MS-40 - $279.00