Kiwi Outdoor Oven Copper Large

Kiwi Outdoor Oven Copper Large

You will not find anything else on the market that compares to the Large Copper Kiwi Outdoor Oven, our premium product. An extremely good-looking oven that will compliment it’s environment by changing colour depending on location and age nicely. Entertaining is a dream with this oven, producing cooking results that previously you can only dream about, the oven will cook banquets for large groups or just have all the pizza’s ready at the same time for the entire family. Roasts will fall off the bone, BBQ grilling will provide a more natural smoky flavour and salmon will be juicy with crispy skin. Roast vegetables can be added when ready, as well as garlic bread and corn in the husk if that is what you enjoy. Slow cooking is made easy because of conductive heating directly from the back of the oven, making it so easy to maintain the heat.

Oven Dimensions
Approximate for initial fitment
1180mm wide
500mm deep
910mm high (oven)
1450mm high on stand
Weight: 330kg (370kg with stand)

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$9,200.00 each

Kiwi Outdoor Oven Copper Large - Kiwi Outdoor Oven Large - $10,700.00 with Trolley Stand - $9,200.00